The process

The package you choose determines how many revisions you get during production at the end of each stage.

To start the project we’ll send you a project questionnaire to complete and return. This will help us to understand your requirements in detail.

Step 1 – Research & Script Development: We will work on your existing script or develop a new script using our professional script writers.

Step 2 – Visual Storyboard: We will sketch out the approved script in visual form showing you a sequence of scenes.

Step 3 – Character & Graphics Development: We will draw the characters, background and other graphics for your approval.

Step 4 – Record Voiceover: We may provide you professional voice over if required.

Step 5 – Animation: We will make a first draft of the animation for your preview based on the concept and selected style. With your feedback we will complete all the required modifications.

Step 6 – Adding Music & SFX. These are chosen to suit the style of the project and are incorporated with your approval.

Step 7 – Post-production: We provide the completed project in HD quality in any of the regular output formats as per your requirements.