“Are you tired of paying high prices on explainer videos when you don’t have to?”

Use of visual content is an increasing trend in all areas of the web, and MyAnimatedBrand is here to help you realise the immense potential for video content in your business.

When it comes to short-form video production, there are large agencies charging high prices and cheap studios offering worthless content, with barely any companies in the middle. MyAnimatedBrand is here to fill that hole, offering quality videos at affordable prices.

The team at MyAnimatedBrand delivers the same video quality as large agencies, but we eliminate office space cost overheads by working completely virtually , meaning that you get the same product quality at much more affordable prices.

Our performance speaks volumes about the quality of our work and, with a talented and passionate team, MyAnimatedBrand always works in the best interest of its customers. That is just one reason why we have found that more than 65% of our business comes from valued customers who return to us with new projects and new ideas.

Simply put, MyAnimatedBrand delivers video content that makes your brand stand-out in a world of intense competition!


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In 2020, 92% of marketing professionals say that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. This has grown from 78% in 2015, showing that video content has become even more highly valued.

So what is it that makes video so important?

Well, according to 88% of marketeers, video marketing is a positive ROI. If you consider that only 33% said the same in 2015, it shows that the market sentiment for video is now much stronger.


The percentage of video marketeers planning to increase or maintain video spend in 2020. (OptinMonster)


The percentage of US internet users who monthly watch online video content on any of their devices.(Oberlo)


The percentage of visitors more likely to click a "Buy Now" or "Contact Us" button after viewing a video. (Google)


The percentage of visitors who stay longer on a site that has prominent video content displayed. (MistMedia)


“Excellent experience and product. The turn around was extremely fast, and they were very responsive to my needs. I feel like I received a fun, informative marketing tool that I will be able to use to promote my business on several platforms. I’m very pleased. Thank you.”

John L. Hopkins

CEO, Post University

“Mickey and the team were great! They worked with me on the edits and produced a great explainer video at the end. Thanks guys and will be back for more.”

Simon Sugar

CEO, Amscreen

“Thanks so much my animated brand for the great video you created for Magnetude Consulting. We wanted a video that was short, simple, and to the point and you exceeded on the delivery. Keep up the great work!”

Natalie Nathanson

CEO, Magnetude Consulting

“The final product was exactly what we were looking for. It was a great experience and there was tremendous collaboration between us and My animated brand.”

Stephen Conely

Founder & director, Gisteo

“MyAnimatedBrand created a short whiteboard video for us to use on LinkedIn and on our website. It created far more interest than just words – a great way to get an idea across. The creation process was easy and the cost low enough to use the video on a LinkedIn post.”

Iain Hamilton

CEO, Marketing for Entrepreneurs

“I really enjoyed working with the entire team at my animated brand. They’re talented, accommodating and great to work with. Overall a really great experience and I was incredibly happy with their work!”

Thomas Bergen

Co Founder & CEO, Getabstract